Do you believe in building wealth through real estate and achieving freedom through cash flow?

Extant Realty was built by real estate investors for real estate investors. We offer three customized service options to accomplish our mission to help people build wealth with real estate and achieve freedom through cash flow: residential, commercial and multi-family, and private investment. 

Please view our informational video and browse all three opportunities below.

We also offer a free  investor’s kit filled with tips and tricks on all things investing.

This is a specialized version of what other brokerages call buyer agent services.

In addition to traditional services, Extant Realty brokers maintain superior service customized for the real estate investor. Our real estate experts are specially trained to find, analyze, and negotiate real estate transactions that meet your investment criteria. With customized property management plans, our brokers present a strategy that maximizes opportunities while avoiding pitfalls.

One of the most significant values our clients receive is knowledge of what return on investment (ROI) they should expect. This figure is often glazed over or calculated incorrectly. Extant Realty believes understanding your position on the ROI is fundamental in successful real estate investing and building wealth with real estate.

We focus on predictable monthly income secured by real estate at the top of the investor’s investment objectives.

You know exactly what your return on investment (ROI) is because it is a fixed return. This is a full-service private real estate investment. Your money is secured against the real estate, the Deed of Trust is recorded at the county courthouse, and you are named as an additional insured on the insurance policy. Extant Realty also includes income loss protection in the insurance policy for extra security. Your checks or bank transfer arrive month and Extant Realty will release quarterly and annual reports. This option allows investors to achieve freedom through cash flow.

If you believe freedom can be achieved through cash flow, we have an investment opportunity for you.

Together, we can do more. The Freedom Fund: One is designed to acquire multi-family apartment buildings and other strategic real estate in carefully vetted, emerging markets. Extant Realty will provide its professional acquisition & management teams with over 15 years experience in the multi-family market.

Investors will have an ownership position, with full security of assets. We are offering solid annual returns with equity up-side, tax deductions, and an expertly designed tax strategy. You will also have 24/7 access to investment performance and red carpet service.

Rest assured, we’re all in. The very best real estate deals that Extant puts together will be purchased by Freedom Fund: One. A select few investors will be invited to invest side by side with Tyler Vinson to enjoy the benefits of cash flow, equity, and tax benefits.

  • Portfolio Diversification
  • Secured by Real Estate
  • No Investment Management Headaches
  • Full Valuations & Due Diligence
  • We Provide The Deals & Collect The Checks
  • You and/or Your Company Are Owners
  • Primary Collateral Located In WA & AZ
  • Secondary Collateral Located In ID, CO, & NC
  • Closing Timeline: 2-4 Weeks
  • Multi-Family, Apartments, Mixed Use, & Storage Units

Special Invitation Only Private Investor Education Event: March 7, 2019

If you would like to be considered for this event or would like more information about our investment opportunities, please fill out the form below and we will contact you!

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Please note: Private investments are available to accredited investors only.

Accredited investors, as defined by the Federal Securities and Exchange Commission, includes anyone who: earned income that exceeds $200,000 (or $300,000 together with a spouse) in each of the prior two years, and reasonably expects the same for the current year, or has a net worth over $1 million, either alone or together with a spouse (excluding the value of the person’s primary residence).

Private Investment is usually better than stocks or rental property.

If you’re the type of investor that wants predictable monthly cash flow, very well protected against downside, then we have an investment product for you. Qualified investors can invest in current and future projects at a fixed rate of return that pays you every month, no matter what. You have worked hard for your money, now it’s time for your money to work hard for you.


Let’s discuss an example investment.
 8.5% annualized ROI
7.5% Cash on Cash return, 1% per year deferred to maturity.


If you invested $250,000, you would receive $1,562.50 per month of interest. If the investment lasted 8 years, the total monthly interest paid out to the investor is $150,000.00, and a cash-out of $270,000.00 (principle plus 1% deferred interest) for a total interest return of $170,000.00! No tenant liability, no maintenance liability, and no bookkeeping liability. This is a full-service investment, we handle everything for you, saving you your most precious asset – time.


Here is a summary of how it works: after receiving an investment package and deciding to move forward on the opportunity, you sign a commitment letter and send it back to our office. The investment documents are sent to you and your attorney for review. After the documents are approved, you fund the investment. During the life of the investment, you will receive monthly interest checks and quarterly reports.

Safety and security of the investment are the top two priorities. Lien interest secures the investment funds in the real estate or promissory note purchased. We buy insurance policies that protect the monthly income if disaster happens. Different investors require different structures, so we will work with you and your attorney to make sure your individual needs are met.


For the investor who is looking for monthly cash flow, this type of real estate investment is an excellent option because you know exactly what is coming in on a monthly basis. Monthly interest payments preserve your investment or retirement funds rather than you living off them and “outliving your number”.


Why are we so different? We are not a money broker, we stay in the deal. We buy monthly cash flow assets and our professional team always pays the investor first.


You don’t have to spend your time and increase risk to you by moving in and out of transactions with money brokers brokering your money out to someone learning to flip houses. Your money works for you 24/7, 365 days a year. We look forward to being a part of your freedom through cash flow.


If this is a wealth building path you would like more detailed information, please click “contact” and fill out our contact form. We look forward to helping you achieve freedom through cash flow.

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